Commemoration of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

MeTRH Transformation into level 6 status takes shape

Meru Teaching and Referral Hospital Board Chairman Prof. Jotham Micheni and MeTRH Director Dr. Joseph Wahome outline the changes that will be effected in all departments as the hospital transitions into a level six facility. The transition period will also facilitate a positive change in patient level of care and in delivery of specialized services.

Improving maternal health services at MeTRH

The Meru Teaching and Referral Hospital pediatricians, obstetricians, medical officers, anaesthetists and nurses are undergoing a five day mobile obstetrics simulation training. The aim of the training which is being conducted by Impact Africa, is to effectively address maternal emergencies and bridge the existing mortality rate gap. Statistics indicate that in every 100, 000 births, 342 end up in maternal mortality while in every 1000 births, 21 end up in neonatal mortalities.

Hope as Surgical Medical Camp begins at MeTRH

Meru Teaching and Referral Hospital host Estonian surgical team for a five day surgical camp. The NGO Estonian Doctors Help the World team led by its CEO Dr. Júri Teras will conduct about 60 major surgeries among them; laparoscopies, removal of melanomas and carcinomas and hernia repair.

Renowned oncologist Dr. Dinesh Pendharkar Tours MeTRH

Renowned medical oncologist Dr. Dinesh Pendharkar has commended Meru Teaching and Referral Hospital for the stellar services being offered at the Oncology Centre. The impressed oncology professor has recommended emphasis on breast, prostrate and colon cancers due to their high prevalence in Meru county. Dr. Dinesh will be attending to oncology patients at MeTRH for two days.