Meru Teaching and Referral Hospital mental Health Unit is the only facility in the region offering comprehensive mental health care. The service are offered through psychiatric department which has inpatient and outpatient services and the counseling unit (Youth Friendly Clinic). We treat up to 7,000 outpatient cases annually and 205 patients with various mental disorders are admitted annually in our 17-bed capacity ward. The most common cases reviewed in our unit include depression and anxiety spectrum disorders, psychotic and bipolar disorders, substance/drug use disorders (alcohol, cannabis & Khat), Development and epilepsy in children behavioral disorders in school children, sexual and violence related cases and Dementia in the elderly.

We are a training unit for students pursuing different courses in universities and colleges in the medical field.

We also conduct mental assessments for legal or forensic requirements.

The hospital is served by 2 psychiatrist, 6 psychiatric nurses, counsellor and clinical psychologist, 2 social workers and occupational therapist.

In order to improve on quality specialized mental health care and training the hospital has recently recruited 3 additional mental health nurses.  A number of medical officers and nurses are currently in training in mental health courses, to boost existing human resource. 

We have partnered with Kenya Methodist University, AMref and Kamili organization to improve on quality of mental health service in areas, of leadership and Governance, research and training, health products and technologies and the mental health information system.  The recent renovation of our infrastructure including non –medical equipment has enabled us offer a more conducive environment for our clients/patients.  We have continuously invested in purchasing modern drugs as provided by the latest Kenya essential drug list.  We are planning to diversify our health products and technologies including buying of electroconvulsive Therapy machines purchase of drug testing kits and occupational therapy equipment.  Continuously advocate for our patients’ rights and stigma reduction.

In line with our Hospital vision of being a specialized referral facility we are committed to excellence in quality mental health care and training.  We are planning on expansion and renovation of the existing infrastructure.  Diversification of our services to cater for the vulnerable groups such as children, adolescent and youths, gender-based violence recovery Centre, drug rehabilitation Centre, and patient support Centre for patients with other chronic illness and for the elderly.  We are also planning to offer outreach services to improve access and provide community psychiatric services.  Work on an efficient referral system.  Continuously work with partners to improve on the mental health systems especially in areas of research.  To continuously invest in improving the competencies of the workers.